Would filing a personal bankruptcy keep me from getting a license to sell, auto life and home insurance?

Would filing a personal bankruptcy keep me from getting a license to sell, auto life and home insurance?

I recently optioned a job working for an insurance agent but am filing bankruptcy from financial hardship. Can this cause me to lose my job? I have not obtained my license yet but am required to do so.


No, it won't keep you from getting the license.But it could keep you from getting your contracts renewed, or from getting an appointment- and it will also impact your E&O premiums.


No. Bankruptcy laws were designed to PROTECT you, and give you a second chance.From a credit standpoint, a bankruptcy may be viewed as a "black mark" on your credit record, but it does NOT mean you are a bad person or dishonest, etc. It just means you got in too deep at some point, and needed help in getting back on track. Most people who file bankruptcy do so because of circumstances that happened to them that were outside of their control.



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