Would I get a better auto insurance rate if I combine my car with my parents current policy?

Would I get a better auto insurance rate if I combine my car with my parents current policy?

Only catch is I'-m 28 years old going on 29. I wasn'-t sure if there were any age restrictions on combining policies with my parents who are senior citizens. I'-m simply looking for a better rate becuase my record is terrible. My parents live in my home as well so we share same address. Thank you.


Overall, between you and your parents....you are much better off keeping the policies separate.If you try to hide your record by putting the car in your parents name and then you just using the car....that will eventually catch up to you...Insurers have a very good system of using public, claim and other records to cross check what they call "additional drivers" that are listed to a particular policy. You are already going to run into this because you have the same address.Once they catch up to you, your record will cause your parent's rates to go up if you are driving 'their' car.A better route may be to try to get some of the offenses against you expunged. If you haven't yet plead a pending offense, try to have it reduced to a 'continuance for dismissal' which is an agreement that you won't get any more tickets for one year at which time the orignal ticket is dropped. Once you clear some offenses off your record, your rate will likely go down.Another option to save $ would be to try to bundle your coverage with your homeowner's/renter's insurance. Sometimes a company that wants to keep the bundled coverage will allow a poorer driving record just to keep the business. You might even try to see if they'll do that for life coverage (like buying a small low cost term policy). A company that you are sending a lot of premium to doesn't want one ticket to get in the way.


Usually you get discounted if you insure more then one vehicle with the same insurance company, I don't think that your age makes a difference.


Multiple cars on one policy can lower the insurance rates. I would suggest checking into cheap insurance for you and your parents. You can also check the rates on high risk auto insurance at a place I found below:http://usaautoinsurance.org/Source(s):yahoo


It really depends on the company, call and get a rate qoute and shop online for a policy for yourself and then compare.


all depends on how good of driver u are u might be bvetter insureance then them


Yes, if you share the same home then you should be able to sharethe same policy..


You might check out: http://discountinsurance.blogspot.com They have good information and free quotes in finding discount auto insurance.http://discountinsurance.blogspot.com


If your record is that horrible your only choice is to put the car in thier names and put yourself as a secondary driver. That will also help keep your parents payments from going up too much.


Well, a couple things . . .the vehicle has to be OWNED by the policy holder. So if the car is in YOUR name, you won't be able to do this.Additionally, which of you has the better credit score and/or driving record? That will actually play more of a factor, considering your age.Unfortunately, all those surcharges that are on YOUR policy, will move to your PARENTS, as you will still be primary operator of the same car! So that won't help at all. Plus, if your record is bad enough, their company won't take you - and you'll be jeapordizing THEIR coverage if their company finds out you live in the same household.Some companies will give a multi car discount for multiple policies in the same household. Also, sometimes the multi policy discount, like if you have homeowners (or renters) and auto with the same company, gives a discount. Frequently the renters is so cheap, and the discount on the auto so high, that you get the renters for no extra money, and a discount on the auto, also.Lastly, this can seriously backfire on you. YOu don't say how old your parents are, but once they turn 70, their rates will SKYROCKET, it doesn't matter HOW safe they are. So that's when having a joint policy will really kick you in the rear.So if it were me - I'd say, get your own policy.



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